Moving Your Enterprise From Unstable to Innovator!

CIO Pryamid

Moving Your Enterprise From Unstable to Innovator!

Most companies today either have their own IT staff or a Managed Services Provider (MSP) to help them maintain their enterprise. But where does your organization stack up? Would you like to be an Innovator or a Fire Fighter?

Most companies working with MSP providers are in the unstable or fire fighter class. We have found that in today’s world simply keeping up with the “Break Fix” mentality and,  the big lesson we all learned last year is that simple disaster recovery is not enough. Companies need to make sure they are well prepared if the companies need to continue doing business even with the world shutting down around them. The problem with MSP providers is that they are full of low-level people that don’t have the experience or expertise on what companies will need long term. Some now offer Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Virtual CIO services but again they are not well suited or have the experience needed to provide what companies really need.

What MSP’s do well are:
• System and Network Monitoring
• Backup and Data Recovery
• Productivity Applications
• Cybersecurity Tools 
• End-User Support

What CIO’s can do for you that MSPs Cannot:
• IT Strategy and Roadmapping
• Cybersecurity Risk Assessment
• Business Continuity Planning
• Planning and Budgeting
• Program Management
• Vendor Management

Our CIO Advisory service can help your organization move from fighting fires to becoming that innovator for your industry. With JAYCO Cloud Computing Solutions you get an experienced CIO Advisor that will get to know your company intimately, will sit in on your board meetings ready to share reports and answer questions and will focus month after month working on your business to help you grow for a fraction of the cost of an employee CIO.

Do you have a CIO? No problem, we have found most CIOs don’t have the time or bandwidth to do all the reports and audits that are needed. We can assist your CIO as an augmentation to the department.

JAYCO Cloud Computing Solutions has the experience and expertise in the IT Industry to do CIO advisory services for you. As your CIO advisor we can help you prepare for the future.