Are you ready for the next big crisis?


Last year we saw how something so small as a virus can shutdown whole countries. Two weeks ago, we had a national pipeline taken out because of ransomware. Do you really believe this will never happen again? What are you prepared for and what about the things you didn’t even consider that can shut down your company and push you out of business?

Your Chief Information officer needs to put together a plan to make sure you can continue to run your business even under the worst conditions? Do you have an IT staff, but they are short on time and resources to do this? Have you seen reports about the state of your IT? Maybe it’s time to hire a fractional CIO that knows and understands your business and the future of technology to make sure you have the right plan?

CIOs are costly, the range anywhere from $150K to $350K plus benefits and stock options. Most small businesses cannot afford this, but knowing they need someone that will often promote someone without the training or knowledge of what a CIO Actually does.

At JAYCO Cloud Computing Solutions we have a CIO Advisory Subscription plan that will help create a roadmap for the future and is a fraction of the cost of a fulltime CIO. Our advisory service will focus on different areas to make sure your company has a plan that is aligned to your business goals

With our CIO Advisory Subscription, we help assist CIO’s or act as a CIO for your organization. As a subscriber you will get an experienced CIO that will intimately get to know your business. They will be available 10 hours a month to meet with you and your staff and will present you with reports and results every month. From strategic planning and budgeting to roadmaps for new technology and cybersecurity training for your staff.

Having a virtual or fractional CIO will give you a CIO for much less than a fulltime one and can help prepare you for a future one as you grow. In addition, a CIO that works for many other companies can give you the benefit of knowing what best practices in the industry are and will always be up on the latest technologies and how they can work for your organization.

With your subscription your CIO will be available to answer your questions on planning, budgeting. They will prepare reports and present to your board meetings and make sure your IT projects are aligned to your business goals.

Having a virtual CIO will allow you to know your company is protected from internal and external threats and you can better focus on your companies more profitable activities.

Planning now will cost pennies compare to working under emergent situations which will be costly.

Our CIO Advisory Subscription service is normal 5k a month but since companies have been badly hurt from last year’s pandemic for a limited time, we are offering a discount for companies that act now.

Call us today and get started on planning for your future with confidence.

JAYCO Cloud Computing Solutions has the experience and expertise in the IT Industry to do CIO advisory services for you. As your CIO advisor we can help you prepare for the future.