Cyber criminals are banging on your door every day. How long before they find a way in?

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recently I have sent out some emails about Ransomware and Cyber threats and the responses I received were interesting. The overwhelming response is “It can’t happen to us!” But yes, it really can. How do I know this? Let me explain.

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More then just Ransomware or Cyber-Attacks

More then just Ransomware or Cyber-Attacks Everyone these days are talking about ransomware and cyber-attacks and how to protect themselves and their organizations. Whenever you turn on the news there is always a lead story of the latest cyber-attack. This is really nothing new. Other countries have been trying to hack into our businesses for…

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Understanding The Unrecognized Costs of Ransomware Attacks

Understanding The Unrecognized Costs of Ransomware Attacks Paying the ransom is just the beginning! Ransomware, one of the fastest-growing hazards companies today. Ransomware threatens businesses and…

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Is Cloud Computing Safe?

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People ask all the time “Is cloud computing safe?” Organizations and businesses of all types, sizes, industries, and geographies are turning to cloud computing services. Recent studies suggest that both private and public adoption of cloud services has dramatically increased in the past year. It is projected that this trend will only continue through 2020 and beyond, where many companies are expected to have either cloud-first or cloud-only policies. Notable factors behind the popularity of cloud computing include things like reduced operating costs, enhanced collaboration, improved time to market, increased flexibility as well as improved security.

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