Are you ready for the next big crisis?


Last year we saw how something so small as a virus can shutdown whole countries. Two weeks ago, we had a national pipeline taken out because of ransomware. Do you really believe this will never happen again? What are you prepared for and what about the things you didn’t even consider that can shut down…

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Moving Your Enterprise From Unstable to Innovator!

CIO Pryamid

Most companies today either have their own IT staff or a Managed Services Provider (MSP) to help them maintain their enterprise. But where does your organization stack up? Would you like to be an Innovator or a Fire Fighter?

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Remote Desktop-a-as-Service (DaaS)

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Image

Today with the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus businesses are changing the way jobs are done. While a lot of companies are shutting down across the country, other companies are struggling with ways that they can be flexible and have their employees work remotely and safely. At this point we are not likely to find an answer to COVID-19 anytime soon but business must do their jobs if the economy is to do well. Amazon, Microsoft and Twitter were the first companies to diversify their workforce with teleworking so they can safely follow social distancing at home and still continue to do their jobs.

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VDI Environment and the Coronavirus


From floods, tsunamis to SARS, firms are used to preparing for disasters to at least minimize their impact on business operations. The coronavirus outbreak is the latest menace that companies must now deal with appropriately to ensure business growth.

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Cloud Computing for Every Business

I have spent the last two years writing this book to simplify some of the common ideas of Cloud Computing and what businesses should be aware of when looking at the cloud and/or choosing a cloud provider.  The result is “Cloud Computing for Every Business”. It will be coming out in December on Amazon just…

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A Little Manufacturing Company (Use Case)

Overview Small locally owned company with 7 workstations using a combination of desktops, laptops and tablets all bought at different times leading to not having a common configuration and had a problem with performance the performance of the network. Every so often the entire network needed to be restarted. After having several other companies looking…

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Hurricane Dorian and your business

It always comes down to this;  “Yes, I want to make sure my company is protected” but there is never enough time or money to get the disaster recovery plan together that you need.  So let me ask you one question; “How long can your company be down before it goes out of business?” Is…

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Business Networking Lessons

As a consultant I do a lot of business networking events and I have seen people make some of the worst mistakes. First impressions are very important and if you don’t make a good one and a memorable one then you will have to spend a lot of future time trying to over come the…

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Ransomware: What Should you know?

By now you have probably heard of Ransomware. You might have seen it on your favorite TV show, or the news, you might have gotten emails or seen ads on how to defend yourself on Ransomware, all of which has not educated you well or made you lose interest fast. So how prevalent is Ransomware…

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A Virtual Chief Information Officer  (vCIO) is basically the outsourcing of all of the functions of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) for businesses that may not have the experience or the budget to take advantage of a full-time CIO. All growing businesses will need eventually a CIO (or someone to perform the functions of a…

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