Technology & Profitability Discussion Panel

Technology and Profit Chart

Technology and Profitability is a 30-minute guided discussion on new and emerging technology and how your technology spending should work for you and become a source of revenue and not simply a liability to increase your profitability.

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Remote Desktop-a-as-Service (DaaS)

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Image

Today with the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus businesses are changing the way jobs are done. While a lot of companies are shutting down across the country, other companies are struggling with ways that they can be flexible and have their employees work remotely and safely. At this point we are not likely to find an answer to COVID-19 anytime soon but business must do their jobs if the economy is to do well. Amazon, Microsoft and Twitter were the first companies to diversify their workforce with teleworking so they can safely follow social distancing at home and still continue to do their jobs.

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VDI Environment and the Coronavirus


From floods, tsunamis to SARS, firms are used to preparing for disasters to at least minimize their impact on business operations. The coronavirus outbreak is the latest menace that companies must now deal with appropriately to ensure business growth.

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Is Cloud Computing Safe?

Cloud Security cloud computing Image

People ask all the time “Is cloud computing safe?” Organizations and businesses of all types, sizes, industries, and geographies are turning to cloud computing services. Recent studies suggest that both private and public adoption of cloud services has dramatically increased in the past year. It is projected that this trend will only continue through 2020 and beyond, where many companies are expected to have either cloud-first or cloud-only policies. Notable factors behind the popularity of cloud computing include things like reduced operating costs, enhanced collaboration, improved time to market, increased flexibility as well as improved security.

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To Virtual CIO or to CIO?

CIO Keyboard Image

The Virtual CIO also known as the Fractional CIO in recent years has become a very needed position. Whether you are a small or established business, you already know what Information Technology means to your business growth. It is what powers your business by removing all the potential obstacles, optimizes your capabilities, enhances the level of communication in your business, and most importantly, protects your confidential data. However, a significant number of business owners, as well as employees, aren’t IT experts, and perhaps this is where virtual CIO services come in handy.

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